Specialist Cleaning In and Around Central London

At Matrix Office Services, our specialist cleaning services in London are set to a very high standard coupled with an extremely professional approach in order to meet the individual requirements of each client.

As we have over 20+ years’ experience we will be able to direct the correct specialist service for you, whether this be a one off or periodic requirement, it will all be carried out to both our expectations.

  • Carpet cleaning: Hot water / cold water extraction, Rotary cleaning
  • Washdowns: Deep cleans to office or common areas.
  • Toilet Hygiene Cleans: Full sanitisation to all areas including walls tile and sanitary ware.

COVID-19: Fogging services

In relation to these unprecedented times, Matrix Office Services can assist all existing and future clients with additional services that they require. We pride ourselves by keeping up with the times and being able to adapt to any situation.

We are now able to offer a fogging service in and around Central London.

This involves us passing through an area with a battery powered machine that sprays a very fine mist (fog) that will stay on all surfaces, the mist is able to do this as the particles within the chemical solution are electrostatically charged.

The fogging machine releases droplets of disinfectant and biocides that are within the diluted chemical solution, and the operative using this machine will direct the spray point, so all surfaces are well coated in solution. For example, underside of handrails, desks, washroom areas and anywhere with frequent touch points.

Once the chemical solution has made contact with the surface it dries within a 5-minute time frame, making it a safe and secure surface for the future use employees, residents and/or the general public.

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Specialist Cleaning London - COVID-19: Fogging services

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